The Spa Girl Life Story

Working in the spa industry for many years taught me a lot of things about aromatherapy and relaxation and the healing powers of crystals. It also taught me a lot about intentions and the power of setting those to manifest the dreams, wishes, and desires I had for myself.

I took a break from the spa industry to open a restaurant in Santa Barbara, California. I had no clue what I was doing, no experience, and no idea that restaurants have the number one failure rate. What I did possess was a mindset that our little restaurant had to succeed! We were going to bring smiles and nourish people's souls through our delicious pastries.

Everyone in the world was suffering, it was 2008, and there was a massive financial crisis. People needed a way to feel better and quickly. After twelve years, I parted ways with the business I was so proud of co-creating. I knew in my heart that there was a more significant journey for me. I wanted to help more people yet continue to nourish their souls.

Candles, for me, have always brought a sense of peace, warmth, and clarity into my life. Is there a new moon? I light a candle and manifest all that I want. Full moon? Time to light a candle and release all that is or has been holding me back. Pretty much any time of the month has always been an excellent time to invite a little candle work into my life.

With The Spa Girl Life, I invite you to welcome a little softness and light into your life, your heart, and your home. If you're anything like me and you don't love the "darkness," candles can be a great way to illuminate the way for you. We cannot appreciate the light without the dark.

Meditation is another thing that came very slowly for me. I'd pop one eye open and look around the room after my yoga class, and it seemed like everyone in the room "got it" except for me. One day I heard someone say meditation is all about breathing. So if you're breathing, you can meditate.

It reminded me of a time when I tried Trinfinity 8, a complex system that had lasting, profound effects on my psyche. As quiet, meditative music played, and I watched fractals dance across the computer monitor, I held in each of my hands a crystal wand. I could feel both sides of my body, integrating for the first time in a long time. (Hence the reason we include two crystals with each candle.)

At The Spa Girl Life, I set out to make something that was fun, useful, and practical, all while nourishing the soul of each individual. Each candle comes with a mantra as well as two crystals, one for each hand if you choose to meditate with them. There is also a guided meditation and postcard, which has a space for journaling your thoughts after you meditate. I invite you to light your candle, sit back, and allow some time and space for yourself. All of our souls need nourishment, and when you find it within yourself, you will know a sense of peace like no other.